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 Musician's Retreat

Michelle and Jorge wanted us to create a space that would get them into their garden which was unused aside from their dogs, Kumi, Copper and Bailey. Their existing deck was too small to function properly, dated and out of proportion to the house. We created a multi level garden with a much larger deck, a lower fire pit lounge and introduced classic Spanish details cueing off the stucco, the color and we added the beautiful accent tiles.


Michelle & Jorge


Burlingame California


Dec 2017


Juliana and her crew are top-notch. From conception to actualization, they were a pleasure to work with. I chose Terra Rubina after interviewing a few other landscaping companies because she doesn't just design a yard, but creates an artful space suites your home and makes you want to spend time outside. Her aesthetic is beautiful and thoughtful, and she absolutely listens to what her clients want. In addition, she earns high marks for responding promptly to questions and issues that inevitably come up when doing large home projects. She is so kind, personable and easy to work with, and we are thrilled with the end product.

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