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Baby Zip

Posted By on March 22, 2015 in Other Fun Information & My Blog | 0 comments

I knew that would get your attention to read my Blog!

I love my clients! Have I mentioned this before…… seriously, they are so funny, quirky and some of them may think I’m a bit too much, but by the time they get to the end of the journey with me, I know they know, life’s a little sweeter from having worked together.

In that vein, I sat down at a meeting yesterday for a front and backyard in Belmont.

The husband half of my client says very enthusiastically “Juliana, have you ever installed a Zip line?” I was like, nooooooo…….. do you want a Zip line installed in your garden……? Now, I’m the kind of person that’s always up for something new, and certainly a challenge and if you want to build anything, there is a way to do so and for the most part, I believe in specialty. So if you want a Zip line installed, I am going to find you someone who can install a Zip line.

If you knew this property, you could actually imagine it being viable and so as we went through my drawings, this Zip line joke kept coming up between his wife and myself…. Like “And this is where we could install the Zip line……” and the husband was like “that’s right ladies now you see where I’m coming from” with this perfectly happy gleam in his eye!

By the time we were wrapping up, by the way, we found a snake under a broken cinder block cap, that was exciting too……… it was black with an orange head, husband was certain it was a very poisoness scary snake give its orange head……I didn’t know as I’m not up on snakes……

We were making jokes about how we can be the first group to be on Shark Tank (we all like Shark Tank) to come up with a new concept of outdoor fun for toddlers and under……… “Baby Zip.” This was of course difficult to put together beyond the fun of a flying baby amongst the trees in Belmont because, and I didn’t even think of it until now, but how can they hold up their heads once we get the protective gear and helmet on….. Of course, there’s the CPS factor oh well, we will work it out …………….

Ahhhh Just another day at the office.


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