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What Should You Be Doing in March?

Posted By on March 16, 2015 in Other Fun Information & My Blog | 0 comments

Well, speaking specifically to us Californians, it’s the time to imagine spending more and more time outside all the way through the end of October when we “fall back” again.

 I like to imagine Sunday with friends while whale watching long beach, because the nights are brighter longer and all the leaves on the trees are slowly unfurling and leafing out.

 Right now, my apple tree is blooming and all my agaves are blooming orange…..

You may notice your citrus trees’ leaves may be looking a bit yellow give them a jump start to their just budding blossoms and give them some organic citrus fertilizer. Especially if they are in pots…..

 If you haven’t a garden yet, by all means call up a landscaper and dive into the pool of information and ideas that they will have for you. From there proposals, pick one and go through the design process. It will leave you breathless with new found ideas that you can then either start working on yourself as a DIY or have them install it for you so that you are sitting in your garden by the end of Spring or early Summer.

I would be remiss in not talking about the fact that we are still in a significant drought. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to consider modifying your existing landscape and getting rid of some or all of your lawn….. Your average sprinkler can use up 1.7 inches of water per hour….. That’s only 1 sprinkler. Well your average lawn has more than 5 sprinklers so think about that!

So lifestyle has a lot to do with having a lawn or not…… some people just like lawn and that’s OK, but there are alternatives to think about that are responsible and pretty all at the same time.



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