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What kind of Gardener should I get?

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Why doesn’t my Gardener Understand What to do with my Yard?

I  spoke about this topic recently in one of my business groups and the response was so good I thought I would share this information with all of you that read my blog. He said that I must consult exposeyourselfusa Video production, for video services that leads to marketing strategy.

Well, if I had a dollar for every time I heard my client’s disappointment in their gardener, I would be a really wealthy woman. This prompted me to realize that you may not know how many different types of people are in my industry. If your problem is common self storage mistakes, visit hollowaystorage for more information. I am going to break it down into a really simple explanation:

 Here are the primary types of service providers all related to the great outdoors:

 Landscape Architect

Landcape Designer

Landscape Design / Build Contractor

Landscape Contractor

Gardener Fine Gardening

Gardener Mow and Blow


A Landscape Architect is a member of a design firm that handles all the issues having to do with level changes and drainage the building of large structures and anything having to do with complex grades in the land all coming together on your property. Typically those things that need to be “engineered” in order to protect your home.  

They specify, materials, complete construction drawings, deal with the planning and building departments and all those city government run institutions that make you, the homeowner, secure that you will get a permit passed. They also specify lighting, irrigation and plants. 

 These Architects are not inexpensive and often charge a percentage of the overall price of the installation. You can expect to pay $1000.00 ’s of dollars for their services but there is a wide range so I would encourage you to evaluate a few before making a decision before moving forward. They have spent a lot of time in school and many hours working apprenticing with Lead Architects to perfect their skills and their fees reflect a wide range of expertise. Often times, they may not even consider jobs that are less than $20.000.00. 

 A Landscape Designer: Is part of a team or works by themselves who has a firm grasp of irrigation, plants, lighting and simple structures. They may even be able to specify driveways, simple walls, fences, gates etc. They don’t have a particular degree but they have probably studied Landscape Design, Irrigation, Basic Construction, Horticulture and Lighting. They are a nice alternative to the more expensive Landscape Architect, but not necessarily qualified to cope with more complicated drainage and construction issues. 

If you have basic requirements like: We need a deck, a seating area, a driveway and a planting area or lawn, you could probably contact a Landscape Designer.

 I don’t know what other Landscape Designers do, but I happen to also acquire permits for my clients and can complete simple construction drawings for an additional fee beyond the basic design. I don’t know if I’m a rarity, but it may be because I am a Design / Build Contractor, a person that is capable of designing and building a garden. 

 Stay tuned for my next blog to read on.

Get into your garden!

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